Bloggers' Challenge 2017/18 - Rules and FAQs

What is it?
The Bloggers' Challenge is a multi-species, multi-venue, friendly fishing competition, where points are scored for catching particular species from river, canal and stillwater. The heavier the fish, the more points it scores, with bonus points available to the angler who catches the biggest of a species in each of the three venue-type categories.

Who can enter?
The challenge is open to anybody who is able to publish their catches on a publicly accessible blog (not including Facebook). The blog does not have to be owned by the competitor.

When does it start and how long does it run for?
All fish caught between 00:01 Monday 1st May 2017 and 23:59 Monday 30th April 2018 will be eligible for submission in the Bloggers' Challenge.

How does it work?
There are 22 species which earn points in the challenge, and you can gain points for catching them from a river/drain venue, a canal venue and a stillwater fishery; therefore, points are available in 66 different categories. The points you earn will be proportionate to the weight of your fish, relative to the national record for the species, as at January 2015 (ie., if its weight equates to 50% of the record, you will earn 50 points). In addition, if your submission is the heaviest in that category across all the competitors, you will be awarded 10 additional bonus points.

When you catch a fish, you will need to publish a photograph of it on your blog (or your mate's blog) and then enter its weight in the appropriate place on the Challenge Spreadsheet. First select the correct spreadsheet tab, depending on whether the fish was caught from a river/drain, canal or stillwater, and then enter the pounds and ounces in the column for your species. To make a submission for bleak, gudgeon or ruffe, you must weigh the specimen using scales which weigh in increments of no greater than 1 gram. There are precision digital scales available in most supermarkets for around a tenner which are perfect for this purpose. If you need to convert the reading on your scales from grams to ounces, please use this online conversion tool and enter the weight on the spreadsheet to no more than 2 decimal places. Once you have entered the weight of your catch, the spreadsheet will work out what points you are awarded (including bonuses) and update your overall tally and position on the leaderboards accordingly.

(Please note that, as the the records for wels catfish and grass carp were closed some years ago, it is not possible to earn more than 100 points, in each category, for these species.)

The Challenge Spreadsheet is located here

What are the rules?
The challenge is self-officiating and therefore reliant on challengers exercising the utmost integrity in honestly reporting their catches. The only rule is that photographic evidence of every submission must be posted in a single location by the challenger before the details are entered onto the challenge spreadsheet. Claimed weights will not be contested by other challengers, however, any dispute over the identification of a species should be brought to the attention of the Challenge arbiters (George Burton, Russell Hilton) who will make a determination on the identity of the fish in question as soon as possible.

Only fish caught in the United Kingdom are eligible for submission.

What are the prizes?
Erm, there are none... it's just a bit of fun!

How can you enter?
Provide the following information to me via the contact widget on this blog, before midnight on Sunday 23rd April 2017:
  • Your name
  • Your email address (this will need to be the email address you use to log on to the challenge spreadsheet to submit your catches)
  • The web address where the photographs of your submissions will be published

What happens after you give me your details?
I will add your name to the spreadsheet, and then provide you with edit access so that you may submit your catches. Please only submit catches after the challenge begins on 1st May.

Further questions?
Please ask them in the comments section below so that the responses can be shared with other (prospective) challengers.


  1. Hi Russ,

    So if I catch a Chub from a stillwater a canal and a river are points added together or does the biggest fish only count ? I former I assume ?

  2. Yep, you'll score points separately for every entry you make.

  3. Because there is a requirement to post a picture of every submission (and before you enter it on the spreadsheet), just to let you know my own approach will be to have a gallery of all my submissions on a standalone page. Something others may consider if, like me, you're reluctant to blog about the less interesting catches, but still want to submit them.