Saturday, 1 April 2017

Canal Roach & Perch - Dad and Lad Fishing

I managed to get out twice in the week after work (thank you British Summer Time), and for the best part of the day today, with dad joining me on each occasion. The after-work sessions were spent targeting roach on the canal with breadflake, swapping between the lift-method and a conventional waggler set up. Though I did catch a few nice fish on it, my catch rate doubled once I ditched the lift-method in favour of a slow sinking flake. With the water so clear and both fish and weed growth plentiful, the roach seemed to want to intercept falling bait rather than rummage through the mash feed sitting on the bottom.

Each evening I took fish to about a pound, but I do think there is a possibility of fish considerably larger from the stretch we fished. I don't have a great deal of evidence to support that notion, but there are healthy numbers in the 6-12oz bracket, and scraper pounders are not especially rare. I will keep making the odd visit and if I can surpass my current canal best roach of 1lb 5oz, I will be very pleased.

Today, we had a longer session. I fished a pole for the first time in ages, hoping for a canal tench, with an approach of groundbait, casters and chopped worms. I persevered for some time, but there were no signs of my target species. Brief excitement was provided by way of a 1lb skimmer (common) bream and an eel, which fortunately slipped the hook. Otherwise, my catch consisted mostly of silver bream to six ounces or so, whilst dad landed a lovely perch of well over a pound and a half. I expect the fishing to pick up more once the weather settles a bit, then it would be nice to connect with a few slippery green elastic-stretchers (tench, not eels!).


  1. Absolutely delighted to see you back in the blogging business. It seems like an age since the retirement of your previous work. Welcome back. I am a very happy angler this evening. Bravo!

    1. Thanks Tim; I'm glad you are enjoying it. I am too, although there's much more I want to add, it's a real struggle finding time to fit it all in.

  2. Nice work with the canal roach Russell. Are you feeding the mash little and often to get them on the drop?

  3. Just some at the start mate, but it really is like tap water so I think they are just used to taking falling food items. There are town stretches which are dirty. Lots of tiddly roach there but also the odd bigger one I reckon, although it's more of an unknown quantity. Also some big hybrids in those stretches.